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Discover The Flourishing 5 FUNdamentals of Self Care!

Candice will guide you on an exciting journey of self discovery to find out what makes your individual body, mind and spirit tick.

Get ready for lasting change and more happiness in your life. 


Flourish With Candice is a Full Service holistic nutrition, wellness and lifestyle company which provides clients & corporations with the tools and science backed strategies they need to succeed no matter their goals. Through Candice Witek's Flourishing 5 FUNdamentals not only will clients learn about sustainable whole food nutrition & movement, but will also receive the tools they need to support their mental well-being in order to achieve optimal wellness. We strive to inspire, encourage and support how you think about and act upon your self care, nutrition, well-being and mental health. To teach practical, realistic ways to make these changes and stick to them in the long term. To empower our clients with the scientific knowledge of healthy eating and movement without the use of restrictive measures, but through the joy of being your authentic self, plant-focused nutrition and a love of body movement. 

Candice will guide you on a journey using her Flourishing 5 FUNdamentals of Self-Care: Whole Food Nutrition, Movement, Spirituality, Connectivity & Self Love. 

Taking just a daily SMALL step towards healthy living will spark the fire to Your Flourishing life!

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1:1 Private Client Wellness

Ready for a change in your lifestyle? Book a series of 1:1 with Candice and you will learn crucial tips and tools to reach your goals and be supported along the way. 

Special Programs 

Learn more about special programs curated for different life stages and goals. Hone in on a particular area from new moms to menopause we can help you succeed at a flourishing life. 

Workshops & events  

See what fun events are in the works? Or book a custom workshop and Get Flourishing. 


Join Candice for a lunch break, you’ll lunch, you’ll learn and leave feeling accomplished!

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Are You Over 35?

Notice Changes in your body? 

Its a fact of a woman's life, the time will come when our bodies shift over to a period that's not about making babies but about enjoying life . However, the journey (AKA Peri-Menopause) through to the other side can often be long and difficult without the right tools and support.  Read more about my personal story through early menopause and how I can help you  navigate this new chapter with ease and clarity. 


Wellness Lowdown

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Women's Empowerment Programs

How do  we as women feel empowered? The answer is as varied as we are beautifully different from one another. However, how we take care of our mind  + body +spirit plays an  integral role in our ability to achieve empowerment. The Flourishing 5 FUNdamentals were built as a stepping stone to reaching our full potential and providing a path to personal empowerment.  .



Looking for some inspo for dinner tonight, meal prepped lunch or breakfast on the go.

Check out the latest recipe post here. 


Flourish Corporate Wellness 

Looking for an exciting and effective way to Motivate your employees? Did you know that wellness training for employees results in increased profits and productivity.

 Look no further to Flourish Corporate Wellness for all your corporate needs. 

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