Immerse yourself, its incredibly good for you!

We all know the importance of minerals like iron and calcium for our bodies, but what about magnesium? Did you know that its the second most abundant element in human cells and the fourth most important positively charged ion in your body. Think Himalayan salt lamps! It aids the body in regulating over 325 enzymes and plays an important role in organizing many bodily functions, such as muscle control, electrical impulses, relieves the parasympathetic system, helps in energy production and the elimination of harmful toxins.

The sad truth is that most of us are deficient in magnesium, so I'm going to stand on my health coach podium and tell you: soaking in a bath with Mineral Salts, which is high in magnesium, is one of the easiest ways to get a boost. Since Skin is our largest organ and easily absorbs liquids, we can soothe our way to ease stress and provide our bodies with all sorts of amazing benefits. 

Now tell me who knew this fact? According to the National Academy of Sciences, American’s magnesium deficiency helps to account for high rates of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, arthriti  and joint pain, digestive maladies, stress-related illnesses, chronic fatigue and a number of other ailments. 

Our magnesium levels have dropped in the last century due to changes in agriculture and diet. Industrial farming has depleted magnesium from soil and the typical American diet contains much less magnesium than that of our grandparents. In fact, the modern American diet with its fat, sugar, salt and protein actually works to speed up the depletion of magnesium from our bodies. Yikes!!! 

One might think that magnesium supplements would be the answer to our problems, but studies show that magnesium is not easily absorbed through the digestive tract. Specific foods or drugs, certain medical conditions, and the chemistry of a person’s stomach acid can render magnesium supplements ineffective.

Which is why mineral salts are so important to our health.  Mineral salt is rich in both magnesium and sulfate. While both magnesium and sulfate can be poorly absorbed through the stomach, studies show increased magnesium levels from soaking in a nice warm bath enriched with mineral salt! Magnesium and sulfate are both easily absorbed through the skin. Sulfates play an important role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and the proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. They stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and are thought to help detoxify the body of medicines and environmental contaminants. So put down your green juice and hop in the bath! Lets face it, who doesn't love an excuse for a nice bath? Its a perfect way to wash off the day, literally and figuratively. An ideal way to combat the days stresses and relish in your successes. 

Here are some of the top benefits of Mineral salt:

  • Boosts Magnesium Levels. Appropriate levels of magnesium are absolutely key to good health, and it is very common to have a magnesium deficiency. ... 
  • Reliever of stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of well being and relaxation.
  • Eliminates Toxins. ... 
  • Relieves Constipation. ... 
  • Reduces Pain & Inflammation. ... 
  • Improves Blood Sugar Levels. ... 
  • Volumizes Hair...
  • Helps you fall asleep easier and sleep deeper.


I'm sold I take a mineral bath at least 4 days a week. I make my own personal bath salt mixtures now,  I add in some essential oils and herbs to aid various aliments. I bought some beautiful glass apothecary jars and have them all ready to go in my bathroom.  Give it a try for 2 weeks and let me know your results. 


Weather have you down? Here are some nice ways to love yourself.

The Wellness LOWDOWN--Foods to relieve stress, anxiety and the blues.  

We are finally are getting a small taste of the winter season here in the Southern Cal. As a Health & Wellness Coach I get approached by clients and friends asking me if I'm feeling tired, down and anxious lately with the change in weather. The answer, why yes I have felt that way and I know what to do about it! When I want to trade my Barre Class for a Nap, eat more foods that don't support me or feel stressed and overwhelmed in the winter time these are the habits I rely on to help me rejuvenate. Having lived in New York and San Francisco prior to moving back to my hometown of Manhattan Beach I got used the winter. I learned to thrive in it, but with such a big break of what seemed like 4 warm winters, this years cold rain is a shock to the system. So here are my top 4 suggestions on how to support your body when your feeling blue, tired, stressed or anxious whether its about the weather or not. 

They may seem small, but just a handful packs a serious punch of antioxidants making them among other things a stress buster. Packed with vitamin C to help repair and protect cells. Rich in fiber and delicious. Freeze them for a cool berry snack or throw them on top of your oatmeal for a high nutrient boost. 

High in rich monounsaturated fat and potassium, avocados have high levels of B vitamins which are important for healthy nerves and brain cells. It is said that that anxiety may be rooted in lack of vitamin B in the body so grab an avocado. Also a great plant based way to add hearty protein to your meal or snack. Try it mashed in the shell with some lime, salt and chopped grape tomatoes drizzled with a rich balsamic vinegar for a quick lunch or snack. 

Wild Salmon
Jam Packed with beautiful omega-3 fatty acids which help keep cortisol and adrenaline from spiking when your tense Salmon is one of my favorite foods (my kids too we call it pink chicken). Salmon or any fatty fish also contains minerals like iodine and Vitamin D which are great for keep inflammation at bay and also keep your immune system strong during the flu season.  I love the one I find at our local farmers market on Tuesdays. 

Taking a Nice Mineral Salt Bath
Spend at least 20 minutes 3 times a week in a warm Salt bath and you will be amazed at the feeling of calm and peace you will receive. Salt baths encourage relaxation, reset physiology and regulates stress hormones. As well as allows your body to absorb minerals like magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and selenium directly into your system through your skin. I cant say enough about how much I have enjoyed this ritual for years now. Its always better on a cold winters day! You can find some brands I like on my website under shop at 

Until next time keep flourishing! 
Candice Witek







Day 2 of 10

Wow lucky for me today just flew by! I was so busy that here I am and I made it through day 2. I have to say I was tempted a few times today by sweets but I managed to fight off the urge. I grabbed my water bottle and an apple instead. 

One thing that helped me so much was my prepped food that I had available to eat. Aren't we always making lunches and things for our children so why not make it for yourself. I'd suggest a salad prepped in a glass bowl with no wet ingredients, some grilled chicken, cut up and cleaned veggies and hummus. How are you doing??

Well I'm off to bed as that's the one thing I'm not doing well is getting enough sleep. More about that later... 


Day 1 of 10

Dear Diary, 

So I got started with the #remodelyou cleanse today and I feel invigorated! Started my day with setting my alarm 20 minutes before my children. I did Day 1 of a foam roller stretch series. (Book is taller, slimmer, younger on my site under shop). Then I made the kids oatmeal and myself, hot water with lemon, large green juice vegan protein smoothie and a good ole cup of JOE!  Got everyone to there assigned places and then put out some fires at work and at home. Managed to get in a 45 min cardio at the gym. I did spin bike for 30 mins listening to Justin Timberlake Radio on Apple Music followed by 15 mins of run/walking. Grocery shopped had an apple, carrot and cucumbers for a snack. Lunch was a big salad with loads of veggies and a 1/2 cup of quinoa. Did some more work organizing and met a client then picked up the clan from school. Made them a smoothie with some crackers and I had a heirloom tomato with basil and balsamic for a snack. Drank 40oz of water with lemon throughout the day. Went about the afternoon and then had dinner which was a cassoulet of sweet potatoes, eggplant, asparagus, onion, garlic, mushrooms and carrots over brown rice. Everybody ate it with me but the kids added some soy sauce. They will eat almost anything with soy sauce so at least I get in the veggies! Now I'm relaxing snacking on a peach before I try and go to bed at 10pm. As I know getting to sleep on time is a real struggle for me I'm aiming to be laying in bed at 10pm each night. I guess I can call Day 1 a success.

What successes or failures have you experienced today? I know for me day 1 is usually successful as I"m so excited to get going that I don't dare fall off the plan. It's the coming days where I will get weakened. In my weakness I hope to inspire you to rise above! 

Talk to you tomorrow. 


#remodelyou 10 day cleanse

Congratulations if you have decided to join me in the #remodelyou challenge. If you're like me then summer with the kids was a whole lot of fun but a lot of food, drinks and lazy days. I'll be the first to admit that my usual healthy plan went a bit off track. Gotta live a little! Now as we settle back into the routines of the school year we can get back to our schedules again (so we are ready for the holidays, just kidding).

This 10 day challenge will be chalk full of whole foods. You will eat food. You will not starve. You will probably have to fight through some cravings but we can do it together. It is only 10 days. You will start off strong and in the beginning I will introduce you to plant based eating. Then we can add some animal protein of the highest quality you can do and taper you back to what I hope is a more a moderate and healthy lifestyle. You will get a cheat day too. It's not going to be all about food either, I'm going to teach and talk a lot about manifesting, using your positive attitude to help you achieve goals, be happy with the now and know you will have the future you desire. 

Sign up for my newletter and you will receive the full packet! 

That time at Whole Foods...

Sunday before school starts at Whole Foods market is where I found myself after church this morning. I interviewed each of my 3 children ages 9, 7, and 4 about how we could make them and me happy with the food they'll be consuming this week back at school. From the moment I walked in I saw over 6 moms I knew all trying to accomplish the same thing. 

I'm known around town as a Health Coach and healthy eater so naturally I was asked questions and my cart caught a few eyes. What did I have in there you ask? Lots and Lots of veggies and fruit, some good high quality meats and things to make my homemade staples like almond milk, granola bars and salads for me and my oldest. 

I"m proud of you Moms out there that are giving it a go with healthy options for our families. We have a lot of control and power to really create a healthy future for our children. There are countless diseases that have links to processed high sugar, high fat foods. You go girls for making a step in the right direction! They may go eat some junk somewhere else but my motto is keep it clean at home. 

The most common question I'm asked is how do I have enough time to do all the cooking. I really don't have any more time than any other mom of 3 who's running her own business, taking care of a family of 5 and her own health all at the same time. I make sacrifices and prioritize! To me there's nothing more important than taking care of the body and brain I live with each day. 

Certain days and times I prep food for chunks of the week, say Sunday night through Wednesday and then the end of the week into the weekend. My kids know when Mommy's prepping don't come buggin! Teaching independence right. I've learned to prep, chop, clean and organize on Sunday afternoons and again on Thursday. Yes I get support from my husband for this "time" and hats off to you honey. 

So I'll leave you with this hopefully motivational talk. Please keep trying to introduce health to your babies. It's really hard to go against the tide of junk but if enough us do it then it will be the norm. Not to say they can never indulge that's part of life right and an important thing to teach as well. So as you send off your kids tomorrow know you tried your best and have faith that it will work. 

What I did tonight: prepped and cleaned berries and fruit for snacks, made almond milk, cooked a double duty batch of turkey taco dinner (recipe below) so that we have dinner for tonight and tomorrow and made a large salad for my lunches. I timed myself it was exactly 1hr and 23mins not too bad for getting me quickly through to mid week. 



Double Duty Taco Meat

2 lbs organic ground turkey

1 each red and orange peppers

3 cloves crushed garlic

half yellow onion

Small bunch of steams of cilantro, chopped 

1 teaspoon adobe seasoning

To your taste celtic sea salt 

1 teaspoon cumin


I cook this in a cast iron or ceramic pan. Start with a small amount of EVOO, garlic and onion, then add peppers chopped small as to trick your kiddies (hiding veggies). When that is sautéed then add turkey meat and seasonings. Cook chopping up into little pieces as you go with a wooden spoon.  All done. 

I made beans on the side tonight I used Eden Organic BPA free canned and sped up my process. 

Tonight we had tacos with the above with some quick made gauc, salsa and a small salad

Tomorrow we will use it for a nice burrito or burrito bowl for me. 

I promise you I don't slave in the kitchen! 


Oh and tonight I also listened to Kool and the Gang Radio on my Sonos to keep me going! I danced my way through the prep! Groovy

Tour De Pier, My Hour of Fame!

Haven't been blogging for awhile but now is the time to start. This week I had a free and clear scan and I'm also honored to be riding on the main stage at Tour De Pier. Tour De Pier is an amazing charity that exemplifies local community at its best. Totally home grown with love, this event has raised over 2.7million and another 1 million and counting  this year. What is it you ask? Over 400 spinning bike people with 5 hours of spin classes, music, dancing and fun, all for the sake of kicking cancer's bottom! I've been enjoying being a famous model gracing the lawns and buildings of the South Bay for the last few months! As a cancer survivor and health and wellness coach this event is close to my heart. I hope that my story will touch the hearts of many and help them make positive changes in their lives. It is also with great joy that I am finally in a healthy place where I can work with clients on a private basis, through my 3 hour self care workshops and specifically tailored corporate wellness programs. Please reach out and let me know how I can support you with your health and wellness goals. I promise most of all it will be a fun and rewarding experience. 

Come down this Sunday May 15th to the Manhattan Beach Pier and join in the fun! You will not regret being a part of the moving energy that you will witness. 

With Love, 


Raw Broccoli Salad

Need something to make for Meatless Friday this Lenten Season? I've got the salad that will make people ask, who made this? I originally learned about this salad from my brother-in-law (thanks Geoff). Since I don't eat processed sugar these days I changed the sugar to honey and used raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar in the dressing.

Raw Broccoli Salad

Serves 15 as a side dish

4lbs. Organic Broccoli (about 5-6 large heads cut and torn into bite size pieces)

1/2 cup High Quality Olive Oil

1 cup of Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (I like Bragg's

1 Tbls Raw Organic Honey

4 cloves of Minced Garlic

1 Tbls Fresh Chopped Dill

1 Tsp Celtic Sea Salt

Mix all ingredients except broccoli in a glass bowl with a whisk. Then Bag up the broccoli and pour the dressing into the bag. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours but best to do 24 hours. Serve in a beautiful salad bowl and be the talk of the party!