Wellness Hacks - A Less than 10min Morning Routine to Change Your Life


Aside from the usual stuff like picking out your outfit, eating breakfast, in my case making children lunches and maybe even raising my voice to get people moving, what do you do in the morning? 

I’m guessing that you spend some time catching up on email before getting into the day’s tasks. Maybe you check out who said what on Instagram the night before. Or, maybe you just stare into your smoothie hoping that when you look up, it’ll be Friday. That’s what the majority of people are doing.

I don’t want you to be “the majority.” Doing things differently is how you stand out at work and in life. What I’m about to share with you is my unique morning routine. I’ve kept it quiet for a long time but in one of my workshops recently on goals and vision boarding, I listened to a woman tell me about hers and how in the last month she has felt like it had transformed her life. I’m hoping sharing my routine will spark motivation for you to grow your own personal practice. It’ll help you build stronger relationships, put you in a better mood, and move your career forward.

And best of all? It only takes less than 10 minutes each day.

All you need to get started is something to write with. Your favorite notes app will do, although going old school with pen and paper is fine, too. That’s what I do and there’s something to be said for physical writing which allows the brain to make a connection and therefore memory is enhanced. Something I will admit to needing these days!

Most Importantly: Gratitude

A daily practice of gratitude has been shown in studies to improve physical and mental health. So, the first thing you’re going to write about is 3 things you are thankful for in the present moment.

Even if you’re in a rough spot in your life or just feeling depressed, you always have something you can be thankful for. Waking up to another day with those you love, there’s one for you! This is where the small stuff in life really helps when you’re developing this habit. Think Simply.

Here are some recent examples of things I’ve said thanks for:

  • The ability to work from wherever I want and own my own business

  • My 3 beautiful babies, who are not babies anymore and who I love to watch develop

  • My home that keeps us safe and warm and is in a dreamy location

  • My health, that my body has made a miraculous recovery from cancer

  • That your reading what I’m writing

Notice in my examples there were big things and small things on the list. Personal things and work things.

Don't overthink it. Just say thanks for three to five things and move on.

Then, Write Freely

I learned this idea from an awesome book I read suggested by a professor of mine (The Artist Way By: Julia Cameron) while working towards my board certification. Just wake up and start writing. About anything. Don’t stop, don’t edit, and most of all, don’t judge. No one will read this except you!

You can write about anything or nothing at all. Write about what’s making you joyful, or about what is causing you anger. The important thing is that you’re getting that writing muscle working. Just let it all pour out of you and onto the paper so you can let it go. Because for the last part of this morning routine, you’ll need every ounce of mental energy you have. 

So, take a big swig of that collagen coffee and then:

Lastly, Become an Idea Maker

I love coming up with ideas. I keep lists of book ideas, blogging ideas, business ideas, recipe ideas, travel ideas and family fun ideas. I really can’t help myself, I have lists everywhere and I mean everywhere!

I used to add to these lists of ideas only when something randomly popped into my head. I’ve been making lists since high school and got really into it in college and grad school. Problem was I didn’t have an organized system. In the last 5 years I have organized my process a little. Let me tell you about it.

If you generate 5-10 ideas a day, every day, for six months straight you will grow into idea maker. Why is that something you want? Because ideas keep our brains active and excited about life. It also keeps us growing and evolving something we should never stop doing even when we are 96. If you practice this 5-10 idea exercise then you will become someone who can come up with great ideas in any situation about any topic. And you can use these ideas for your own benefit, or send the list to someone who could use them—whether that’s your boss, another team at work, a friend or a child. Ideas can be about travel, family, career, hobbies, future, health anything you want really.

Now, I never said this was going to be easy but don’t quit. Just finish. It will get easier, I promise. Some days, you’ll find that when you reach idea five you’ll want to stop and on other days you’ll make it to 10. Just try to be consistent, I’ll admit I fall off for months at a time. Honestly I notice stress creep in when I’m not doing this writing exercise. My creativity need an outlet and this is one of mine.

My Results?

Honestly, ever since I’ve been doing this Morning Writing Routine I have grown as a person, as an entrepreneur and as a wife & mother. As I learned to just write without judgment or the voice telling me I can’t, the more I’ve seen great ideas take space and in time manifest. I have even let go of anxiety, anger and sadness with this technique. I love to go back years or months too and see what I was thinking and creating. Sometimes I pull from ideas past and make them happen now. That’s the amazing thing about this practice. Just remember simple and fast this whole process takes me no more than 10 minutes because I have a physical morning routine to get too after I finish writing. I’ll write about that at a later date!

Let me know if you make a commitment to writing in the morning? And what you find out by doing so!

With Great Love, Candice

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