#remodelyou 10 day cleanse

Congratulations if you have decided to join me in the #remodelyou challenge. If you're like me then summer with the kids was a whole lot of fun but a lot of food, drinks and lazy days. I'll be the first to admit that my usual healthy plan went a bit off track. Gotta live a little! Now as we settle back into the routines of the school year we can get back to our schedules again (so we are ready for the holidays, just kidding).

This 10 day challenge will be chalk full of whole foods. You will eat food. You will not starve. You will probably have to fight through some cravings but we can do it together. It is only 10 days. You will start off strong and in the beginning I will introduce you to plant based eating. Then we can add some animal protein of the highest quality you can do and taper you back to what I hope is a more a moderate and healthy lifestyle. You will get a cheat day too. It's not going to be all about food either, I'm going to teach and talk a lot about manifesting, using your positive attitude to help you achieve goals, be happy with the now and know you will have the future you desire. 

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