Day 1 of 10

Dear Diary, 

So I got started with the #remodelyou cleanse today and I feel invigorated! Started my day with setting my alarm 20 minutes before my children. I did Day 1 of a foam roller stretch series. (Book is taller, slimmer, younger on my site under shop). Then I made the kids oatmeal and myself, hot water with lemon, large green juice vegan protein smoothie and a good ole cup of JOE!  Got everyone to there assigned places and then put out some fires at work and at home. Managed to get in a 45 min cardio at the gym. I did spin bike for 30 mins listening to Justin Timberlake Radio on Apple Music followed by 15 mins of run/walking. Grocery shopped had an apple, carrot and cucumbers for a snack. Lunch was a big salad with loads of veggies and a 1/2 cup of quinoa. Did some more work organizing and met a client then picked up the clan from school. Made them a smoothie with some crackers and I had a heirloom tomato with basil and balsamic for a snack. Drank 40oz of water with lemon throughout the day. Went about the afternoon and then had dinner which was a cassoulet of sweet potatoes, eggplant, asparagus, onion, garlic, mushrooms and carrots over brown rice. Everybody ate it with me but the kids added some soy sauce. They will eat almost anything with soy sauce so at least I get in the veggies! Now I'm relaxing snacking on a peach before I try and go to bed at 10pm. As I know getting to sleep on time is a real struggle for me I'm aiming to be laying in bed at 10pm each night. I guess I can call Day 1 a success.

What successes or failures have you experienced today? I know for me day 1 is usually successful as I"m so excited to get going that I don't dare fall off the plan. It's the coming days where I will get weakened. In my weakness I hope to inspire you to rise above! 

Talk to you tomorrow. 


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