Looking for a dynamic Motivitional speaker for your next event?

Look no further Candice is available and currently booking speaking engagements for corporate events, workshops, conferences, retreats and associations both public and private. 

Candice is an enthusiastic and passionate speaker who shares how her personal experience led her to to discover and create optimal wellness in her own life and then in the lives of others. When Candice's life was threatened by a Breast Cancer diagnosis she made wellness a top priority. Through action, schooling and deep inner growth Candice battled back from years of cancer treatments and currently enjoys an exubruent life! She now connects to audiences with all that first hand knowledge and wisdom.

Candice's charisma is infectious and she simply articulates ways to flourish at an optimal level both through nutrition and mental positivity. She provides a simple action oriented  path to help others move towards a happier and healthier future. 

TO bring Candice to your next event as a keynote speaker please email candice@flourishwithcandice.com or call (415) 686-1697.