Flourishing RX

Women 35+

Let’s talk about age confidence. This is an area I feel very passionate about from a female empowerment perspective. To often in our culture we are taught and led to try to be younger but whats wrong with older? I don’t know about you but I’m really proud of my age, my experience, my wisdom and my personal evolution. I don’t want to turn back the clock. I want to represent my age with my most authentic self. Beyond that I want to help all women to feel secure and confident at any age because aging is a privilege. I will be dedicating a portion of my practice to providing support for women 35+ who want to feel better & calmer, look beautiful and be confident!

That’s why I want to talk about a stage of a woman’s life that has long been shunned and overlooked. For most if not all women the changes begin around age 35 and continue until a new normal is achieved around 55. Its Peri-Menopause and its something I know A LOT about even though I’m 40. During the last 6 years I’ve battled breast cancer and due to cancer treatments and a BRCA gene mutation I had to have my ovaries removed at age 37. That was an experience to say the least. In the coming days, months and years, I will share more deeply and authentically my story.

Right now I’m here to say I AM here for YOU, To SUPPORT, to EDUCATE, to STANDBY, to EMPOWER and to SERVE my fellow women transitioning to a new and often better stage of existence. Often negatively viewed this is roughly a decade marked with huge hormonal shifts that cause some difficult situations like, body changes, anxiety, depression, libido issues, irritability and so much confusion because we are not properly educated about this NATURAL and NORMAL part of a woman’s life. I am here to tell you I’ve got your back! Don’t be afraid, let’s REFRAME what it means to be forging through this era of life. We’ve made it through puberty, babies and so much more, so I have FAITH in us!

After all my LADIES ages 35-55 we are a NEW generation of women entering this time period and make no mistake we are not like the generation before us. We will NOT except that we will disappear and become old and just resign to some notion that a feeling of youthfulness is over. I am so excited to share with YOU all the amazing ways we can increase longevity, beauty, nutrition, libido, mental health and more. I sure know lately I am deheartened by what I see happening around me in my day to day life. An increased desire to the point of inflicting harm to our bodies to stay “young”. The reality is that those hurtful thoughts and actions will cause us to age more rapidly and I don’t know about you but I’m damn PROUD to be 40! That’s why I’m Inviting you to join me in a community of women supporting women.

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Come on LADIES let’s be LOUD and PROUD to AGE. Let’s BE BEAUTIFUL at our age. Cannot wait to share my #flourishingRX with you all this year! Please join this new community of women who want to Flourish.

Let me tell you its a true GIFT, I know I’ll never be sad about another birthday because I know what it feels like to wonder if you’ll get to be old.