Trial Wellness Goals Call 

via FaceTime or In-person 

20 MINUTES -Gratis

How will we know if we want to work together if we don't talk first?  Book time for us to discuss how I can help you achieve your health & wellness goals. Can't wait to hear from you! 

1:1 Flourish Self Care Initial Session 

Via FaceTime or In-person 

1hr 45 MINUTES $200

In this initial session you will work directly with Candice Witek to discuss your personal state of affairs. After thoroughly understanding where you are currently, we will the curate a plan for reaching your goals.  This includes personalized meal plan, recipes, mind + body exercises to get you started on your first 6 weeks. Client Check Ins are recommended bi-monthly. 

1:1 Flourish Self Care Client Check In

Via FaceTime or In-Person 

60 MINUTES $65

Bi-monthly Check-ins are recommended for optional support and success. Choose either 70mins or 40mins based on your needs. 

 Client Weekly Chat 

via FaceTime or In-person 

30 MINUTES $35

Do you need to chat in between our regular meetings. Have a burning question or just need meal planning or recipe help. Use this efficient appointment to learn on the fly. 

Flourish Cleanse Support

$ Varies based on time and options

Looking for a cleanse that supports a women’s fragile hormone system? Candice will customize 5, 10 and 30 day cleanses that will properly detox your body while being mindful to not stress out your system. No harsh rules or starvation here because we know that is not a good choice for your body. See the results your looking for in not only weight loss. You’ll experience vibrant skin, hair and a sense of well-being from a hormone balanced body.