Candice is truly talented in her line of work. She is passionate about what she does, knowledgeable about her field, and most importantly genuinely cares about the well being of her clients. As a cancer survivor, she knows first hand what it takes to change ones health and I think that speaks for itself. She has coached me and has come to my company to speak - every time it’s a full house and they keep asking her back to speak again. She is warm, caring, and very motivational. She is one of a kind and I would highly suggest to work with Candice - she will change your life!
— Aline, Lionsgate Entertainment Santa Monica

I was looking for more than a diet, I was sick of dieting and I wanted to learn to live and age in healthy attainable way. Candice showed me just how to make smart choices and still have fun. I can’t believe how far I have come
— Deborah, Marina del rey

After my 4th baby, I felt so lost and out of touch with myself. Mentally, physically and emotionally and I didn’t know how to start again. I knew Candice wasn’t just a young girl on instagram telling me to eat better, do squats and drink Rose. She has experienced 3 children, cancer and menopause so I wanted to learn from her wisdom. I’m still in the process of my evolution but Candice’s guidance has been incredible. Ive made so many changes to all areas of my life and I couldn’t be happier
— Jennifer, Manhattan Beach

I hired Candice to reduce stress in my life and get me sleeping and happy again. The nutrition guidance was very informative and helpful but the whole package of her Flourishing 5 FUNdamentals really gave me a fresh start. I also learned how to be kind to myself and allow myself to be human, to make mistakes and get right back up and keep going. For me it was all the mental work that she did for me to then achieve my health goals”
— Christy, santa Monica

Candice has been invaluable on my journey to body acceptance. She has helped me end the cycle of dieting and body shaming. I learned how to prepare delicious healthy meals without having to sacrifice great taste. Most of all she taught me to love myself where I am right now and low and behold I’ve never been so successful at reaching my goals. I came for weight loss and gained so much more through her life coaching. I now believe I am worthy of successes in all areas of my life.
— Eve, San Francisco, California

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— Damian, Mexico

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— Pauli, Germany

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— Nicola, Colombia