I used to think that eating healthy was picking up the latest box of Low Fat, Low Calorie, Diet packaged food. Even though I continued to struggle with losing my pregnancy pounds I kept right on buying into all the marketing we all see every day. Until I got a huge wake up call one September morning when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33. Through the process of treatments and ultimately healing, my own philosophy on nutrition emerged.  What is it you ask? Whole Foods and a little Splurging,  plain and simple!  Am I starving? No Am I slaving away in my kitchen? Not a chance I have 3 kids!

I hope you can enjoy the recipes, tips and tricks I've learned through watching my parents, creating recipes on my own and through studying as a certified Health and Wellness Coach. Take them, use them and make them a part of your lifestyle and that of your families. If you want more in depth help and guidance check out my 6 month program.