Women’s Empowerment Programs

Women now more than ever are getting together and pushing for equality in the workplace and beyond. Employment rights, job equality and competitive compensation are at the forefront of this movement. You might ask how this can play into the role of Personal Health & Wellness? How we see it at FWC is we believe that a woman who takes the time to learn how to support herself physically, emotionally and mindfully will possess the qualities needed to reach full empowerment over her lifetime. Our Programs are geared to Women’s wellness from a totally female perspective and with female needs in mind. Specifically, Candice has a passion to share her history starting with a all girls education, college and post graduate work and how her health journey has given her the wisdom to support women in this most important and personal area, yet provide an attainable program to see results. We CANNOT wait to work with you to support yourself, or your tribe of women!