Women’s Lunch Hour Series

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eat lunch and learn something? Now is your chance to do just that with Candice. Now offering Women’s Lunch n’Learn focusing on self care, Aging, Nutrition and more all complete with a healthy lunch, recipes and activity to boost your happiness factor.

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Goals & Vision Board Workshop

Start the year off right! A vision board is a powerful tool to help your dreams come into fruition. You will put images, words and affirmations on paper that represent desires and passions. With proper focus over time it will help you attract those things into your life and snap you out of a negative mindset when you naturally begin to feel down. It has help me create incredible shifts and made some of my wildest dreams come true.  Classes will be offered quarterly throughout 2019.

Plant Focused Nutrition 101

Cut through the fad diets and let Candice teach you real nutritional balance. Learn how to make plants the star of your meals, balance meat consumption and enjoy delicious whole food. Get off the roller coaster of restrictive diet plans and create a lifestyle that will last. 



Mindfulness Meditation  

Learn all about and experience a mindfulness based stress reduction meditation. Candice's avant guard approach to MBSR is to let go of expectations surrounding meditation and create a practice that resonates with each individuals time and desired need. Candice's motto is anyone can create a doable practice for themselves no stress needed.   


Create Your Stress Toolbox

This is a working workshop where participants create personal stress toolboxes and learn strategies for extinguishing bad stress and using good stress to motivate. You will leave feeling ready to handle whatever comes your way. 


Empower Yourself  Women's Workshop

What does it mean to feel empowered? While the answer is varied to all women there are certain accepts of self care that create the best environment for empowerment to take hold. Acquire skills that will advance your ability to feel empowerment for yourself during this exciting workshop 


Custom Workshop  

Would you like to create your own custom combo or ask to be educated on another wellness topic. Now's your chance. 


The Flourishing RX- Hormone Health Protocol  

Are you a women over 35? Then you have probably experienced shifting hormones and the feeling that what used to work no longer does. Don't fall for the idea that you just have to deal with undesirable changes. You just need some education about your all powerful female body so you can support yourself . Nourish your Hormones with nutririon, stress management techniques and confidence building exercises.

Knowledge is Power, So Age UP!


Meal Planning & Prep Strategies  

One of Candice's most popular down to the basics workshops. Learn how to plan and prep for success. Includes Candice’s secret #1 tip for success. As well as her favorite tools and tricks shopping list.


Decoding Smoothies & Elixirs 

Ever wonder why some smoothie taste amazing and some don't? Be educated in proper combos for optimal taste and nutrition. Also are you curious about tea, kombucha and trendy coffee combos. Learn recipes that even the kiddies will love. 


Succeed with a Growth Mindset 

Ever find yourself feeling stuck or hopeless about your situation? Learn and Grow during this workshop by identifying your current mindset and learning how to grow a positive Growth focused mindset. Guaranteed to leave inspired!


Olive Oil Farm Luncheons  

Book a private event at an Olive Farm in beautiful Ventura, CA 


Discover the Flourishing 5 FUNdamentals of Self Care

Plant Focused Nutrition • Movement • Connectivity

Self Love •  Mindfulness + Mindset